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Northeast Battery, headquartered in Auburn, Massachusettes, is the largest privately held battery distributor in the Mid-Atlantic Region servicing across 14 states.

Brands Stored Energy Holdings Partners With

In the automotive, industrial, and commercial sectors, it is important to have a battery that keeps going strong. Stored Energy Holdings offers a number of products from a variety of consumers including Fullriver, Trojan, Odyssey, MotoBATT, EnerSys, Bulldog, & Eternity Technologies.


Stored Energy Holdings supplies batteries that fit multiple applications, including Automotive, Commercial, RV, Marine, Industrial, Motive Power, Lawn & Garden, Powersports, & Renewable Energy.


Stored Energy Holdings has completed the following acquisitions:

Office Locations

Stored Energy Holdings has locations in or around Buffalo, Syracuse, New York City/Tri-State, Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Richmond, and Hilliard, Ohio. You see their locations here.